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The Order of the Diamond Heart

The Order of the Diamond Heart is a cross-denominational prayer and service group that connects spiritual seekers heart-to-heart in common purpose and in world service. This Order is designed for those who are dedicated to the will of God and seek to pursue God's will as a sacred adventure and guiding touchstone in their lives.

Just as the many facets of a diamond contribute to its overall beauty and strength, likewise our individual gifts and graces together form a unique spiritual pattern of Light that radiates the power, wisdom and love of God.

By giving of the Christ Light of our Higher Selves through devotions to the will of God, we can spiritually contribute to the formation of a Diamond Heart matrix of worldwide dimensions. This is accomplished as we join heart-to-heart with spiritual seekers around the world as well as on inner spiritual levels with the saints and sages of East and West. These are Ascended Masters- such as Jesus, Saint Francis, and Gautama Buddha- who once walked the earth, then ascended back to God, and now reside in the heaven-world in beautiful etheric cities of Light.

As we form this sparkling Diamond Heart, the Ascended Masters use it to focus their Light and energy. A vast network or antahkarana* of sparkling diamond Light rays can thus be built to encompass our planetary home with a powerful sheath of protection. This protection spiritually sustains America and all other nations and affords us an opportunity to overcome current world situations as we direct the healing Light rays of the Diamond Heart into these conditions.

The ascended master El Morya and beloved Mother Mary sponsor the Order of the Diamond Heart and work with Master Jesus to sponsor Lightbearers in this effort. El Morya is another name for Sir Thomas More. Through the initiations of his individual path of Christhood, this beloved saint acquired a quintessential devotion to the will of God.

In our devotions to the will of God, we invoke the light of these ascended masters. Using practical spiritual techniques such as meditation and the science of the spoken word, we direct decrees and mantras of healing into dire world situations. On a physical level, members of this Order are also involved in local community action projects such as Habitat for Humanity, donating food and clothes to homeless shelters, and literacy programs.

By serving others, we also serve ourselves. By offering our devotions to God's will, we ultimately bring forth the perfect inner pattern or blueprint for our own soul and better realize our unique mission in life.

We invite you to participate in the Order of the Diamond Heart and join with your brothers and sisters of Light to create and sustain this shared antahkhrana of Light. We stand to benefit much from this association; for many who are a part of this great network of Light are Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who strengthen us by their momentum of Light from above so we can in turn strengthen one another.

Following is a meditation, simple affirmations and a decree that is used by members of the Diamond Heart Order:

Centering your attention in your heart, visualize a Diamond Heart of bright cosmic Light-substance superimposed over your own. See in your mind's eye a powerful ray of intense white Light - as white as the sun shining on new fallen snow - beaming from your heart and criss-crossing around the globe to connect you with hearts of Light, angels and Ascended Beings. Now, see yourself and all Light-bearers creating and sustaining a worldwide, sparkling Diamond Heart that has the power to transform planetary Darkness into Light.

I AM a manifestation of God's holy will.
I AM centered in the Diamond Heart of Light.

I AM forming a planetary sparkling Diamond Heart with Ascended Beings who reside in the heaven-world and with my brothers and sisters of Light on Earth to spiritually sustain and uphold the planet and transform Darkness into Light!

Guard, Guard, Guard us
by the lightening of thy Love.
Guard, Guard, Guard us
by thy great Self above.
Guard, Guard, Guard us
by thy secret power of Light.
Guard, Guard, Guard us
By thy great and glorious might
And seal us safe forever
in the Diamond Heart of Light!

This Diamond Heart is Christ's own heart of the will of God. Nothing can withstand it, for its Light intensity is greater than all Darkness of the dark ones in the earth.

*Antahkarana is a Sanskrit term meaning: web of life; the net of light spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God.